Thank you for stopping by! My name is Kiki, I am an Interior Designer in the Boston, MA area. I am the Founder and Creative Director for Feróz Creatif Designs, I have been designing for friends and family for over a decade when I finally decided Interior Designing was going to be my career path.

With a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and Marketing; my previous career experiences include: an Online Visual Merchandiser, Retail Management, and designing custom Men's Clothing. All of these roles have played a major role in my designs. With a keen sense of style and an eye for pattern, I create a cohesive and sophisticated space with every project.

"I am a firm believer that all design spaces should be a reflection of your personality. So, when I design your home it's all about how your space instills confidence while still portraying who you are: A minimalist that loves to curate art, a free spirit boho eclectic, a fun loving meets cozy because you love everything soft, or a traditionalist that appreciates cultures from all over the world. Whomever you are, I got the goods for you!"


Kiki is a featured designer on The Design Network, giving her exposure to clients all across the country; including Seattle, WA and Southern California. Kiki specializes in luxury designs with a mid-century influence. Her style includes mixing patterns with color and unique furniture pieces that are one of a kind! 

Time is money, and my goal is to make every investment worth it. Leave the effort to me!

Looking forward to hearing more about your project!


Boston, MA, USA

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