5 Quick and Easy Ways to Update Your Home Under $200!

Updated: May 11, 2020

Have you been thinking about changing your space but don't really have a budget for it? Here are five ways you can quickly update your home under $200! Most of this just requires you to get those creative juices flowing and have a fresh outlook on the space you want to create!

1. Paint

I can't stress this enough! Painting can really change the way your space looks and feels. It's an easy and affordable solution to updating your home. Paint changes the mood, so determine what you want your space to convey. How do you want it to make you feel when you walk in? Do you want a bold color? Is a neutral palette something that you've always wanted in your home? These are the types of questions you should think about before deciding on an actual paint color.

One tip that I follow is seeing how the room or space looks in the daytime. Sunlight will change the color affect, so keep that in mind.

Paint your old dishes for decor! Open shelving is going no where in the design world, so why not just create that look yourself by painting old dishes that you were thinking of getting rid of and putting them on display?? I linked one of my blog posts on how to do this, but honestly the possibilities are endless! Have some fun with this one and you can even involve your kids!

Click here for the DIY dish painting blog post

2. Change out your Hardware

This is my favorite way to update my kitchen cabinets. I love how hardware can change the look of anything. It's fast, easy and can be affordable depending on where you shop. Furthermore, if you have any built ins, bedroom or office furniture that needs updating this is a great way to do it!

Another easy approach to change the look of your home with hardware, is putting in new door knobs. This update is really fun and just makes your doors look more custom instead of generic. If you're renting be sure to keep the old knobs handy for when you move out.

3. Rearrange your existing decor

Take a look around your home, you never know what you will find. Sometimes we get a little stagnant with our existing decor. For some reason we never put our current artificial flowers or plants into another vase, it's almost like it's a permanent stance. This tip challenges that, take a fresh look around your home and see what small adjustments you can make with the decor you already have. We rearrange our furniture, why can't it be the same with existing decor.

Side note: I used to work as a Visual Merchandiser for an online jewelry company and although I did learn a lot of pertinent skills while working there, but the one technique that I still apply to this day is how to group items together. For some reason placing things in odd numbers always made everything look better!

As you create your vignettes in your home try this out. In the above picture I have a group of 5 pieces (the flowers don't count). Now, lets say I took the gold piece away from this group would it look finished? or would it look like a pile of books with a flowered vase on top? I created a moment with my decor in this picture and that is what can make a difference in your home by looking at details like this.

Here is another example of how an odd number grouping creates a better vignette. If I were to take away the branch, how would this look? Pretty bare, right? There is reason why retailers sell sets in odd numbers, hence candle stick holders. Unevenness creates a better story and adds interest to the eye.

4. Spray paint your old picture frames

A great way to modernize your existing pictures is to update the frames. This doesn't mean that you have to run out and buy new ones, it just means that you can update them in a cohesive way. In fact, vintage photos look amazing in modern frames. All you have to do is buy a can of spray paint and determine which frames need updating and you're good to go! You can even take this a step further and create a really awesome gallery wall.

My advice here, is to determine your color palette first and then arrange your pictures on the floor to your liking before you start the spray painting. This will help you physically see how your pictures will look and guide you on picture placement.

5. Look for online sales!

Retailers are on a constant inventory turnover so anytime the season changes, that is the best time to buy! Word of the wise, never buy items when your in the current season. Oh wait, is that only for clothing? HAHAHAHAHA! Home decor does have the same turnover that clothing has, so if you need to update your home for Summer then purchase your items in Winter. Most of the time retailers want their pieces to move fast so stay ahead of the retail game!

For example, a great way to update your sofa or living room is to change out the throw pillows. However, you don't always have to buy the inserts with the pillow covers. In order for you to save storage space and money, only purchase the pillow covers and then insert your existing pillow into the new one. Make sense? Majority if not all of the time the pillow cover is on sale not the insert.

A good tip that will help your pillows look full and plump is to buy a smaller size than what your current throw pillows are. Meaning, if your current throw pillows are 20x20 then the pillow cover size that you should buy is 18x18. This also applies to purchasing down inserts for duvet covers. So, check the online sales you never know what you will find!

Have patience with this one and create wish lists or favorites in the retail websites. This will help you not buy on a whim and allow some time for you to determine what you really need.

I hope this blog post guided you to take a look around your home and understand that by making minor adjustments, it can really change or even update your space. These are simple tips that you can get done in less than a day! I'd really love to see how you utilize these tips, so be sure to tag me on Instagram @feroz_creatif if you decide to try them out in your home!

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