5 Quick Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring!

As the season changes into brighter days, warmer weather and the colors of nature start to flourish there are ways to bring all that inspiration into your home. Here are 5 quick ideas on how to bring Spring into your home. #homedecorideas

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1. Throw Pillows -

Throw pillows is a really inexpensive way to update or refresh your home, especially when the seasons change and you want to reflect that in your space. First, you want to come up with a color scheme; do you want blues? Orange? Pinks? this will help determine where you will begin the search for pieces. If you can sew then this can be really fun! One trick that will help your pillows stay plump and presentable, is buying inserts that are one size bigger then your pillow cover. This trick will guarantee no corner gaps and will keep the fabric straight and taught.

2. Bring in fresh plants -

Fresh plants and flowers are just a delight to have in your home in general. Not only will it bring great energy into your home but it will bring in some natural color elements. So, if you don't want to update anything in your home as far as decor is concerned, then bringing in nature is a great way to change the energy in your home with the new season. Side note, be sure to do some research on plants that way they will last all season long, you don't want a dying plant in your home that's really bad for your juju! LOL!!

3. Bed Linens -

Time to put away your winter sheets, duvet covers and put on your warmer weather bedding! A great way to save money and carry this transition into Summer is by getting linen sheets with a linen duvet cover. This fabric brings in a laid back feel and is much cooler in those hot temperatures. I don't know about you but I dislike being in a hot bed on a hot night. Linen is very low maintenance and easy to clean. Throw some natural fiber throw pillows on your bed and you've just transitioned your bedroom into a new season! Easy!

4. Displaying colorful dishes -

If you're the type of person that likes to display dishes, or has open shelving in their kitchen then this tip is great for you! Dishes have now become very inexpensive and is a great way to change the look of your home. Not to mention you can leave them up during Summer as well! Finding a colorful bowl and putting some faux lemons in it is also a great way to brighten up a coffee table or a casual dining table. Don't be afraid to bring in some color this way just plan it out like the throw pillow idea.

5. Change out decor pieces -

This last tip can be a lot of fun because all stores transition their displays throughout the seasons so it becomes helpful to visual things in your home, but one way to incorporate this idea into your home is by brining in some brighter color vases, knick knacks, coffee table bowls, throws, rugs and maybe even small furniture pieces. I don't recommend going too crazy on this one because you may get bored and want to change it out again next season. So, start small with you display decor and if you feel the need to change more then go for it!

Closing remarks -

I have this belief that since Mother Nature changes and flips around every season, why can't your home?? Besides the obvious of cost, there are ways to transition your home throughout the seasons. If you plan ahead then you can get two seasons into one small investment, Spring and Summer. It's important to treat your home like a sanctuary because if you create a place where you want to be, then others will too. It's just that simple! I hope you enjoyed these quick tips on how to transition your home into Spring. If you need help with this transition, you know how to find me!

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