My Trip to Guadeloupe!

I am starting off this blessed year and first post of 2018 by sharing my trip to the gorgeous French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe

Islands of Guadeloupe

I learned that there weren't any flights that went directly to Guadeloupe from America until Norwegian Airlines started offering flights that were below $250!! Slammin' deal and the flight is only 4 hours!! Not bad for a short vacation (4 day trip). We stayed on the popular marina in an air bnb, which housed all 7 of us! Below is a picture of the courtyard, spectacular amenities.

Our day trip consisted of going to the quaint island of Les Saintes. This was definitely the highlight of the entire trip! Below is a snap shot of the town center, chickens roamed free and french pastries were plentiful!

Facts about Les Saintes

One must see when visiting this small island is Fort Napoléon des Saintes. Historically it was originally destroyed by Britian and rebuilt in 1867, and was named after Napolean III which they turned into a penitentiary, but now is a museum filled with artifacts and art illustrating the islands history, environment and culture. By the way everything is in French, so that made it a little bit hard to understand the significance of everything in that museum. Below is the entrance into the fort and as you can see there is three levels to explore.

Fort Napoleon Des Saintes

The highlight of visiting the fort is the 360 view of Les Saintes and the surrounding islands of Guadeloupe. I will let you just scroll through and enjoy the amazing views of this gem! Can I just say, breathtaking!!!