How I Spent 48 Hours in Bologna, Italy!

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

On my short Italian tour, I was guided to go visit Bologna. I only spent 48 hours there, but check out why I think it's such an underrated city to visit.

One thing to know about Bologna is that it has one of the oldest Universities in all of Europe! Bet you didn't know that, because I certainly didn't! So, that makes it a hip yet sophisticated city crawling with hip and stylish people. Not to mention the food!!!

"Bologna is the best city in Italy for food and has the least amount of tourists. With it's medieval beauty, it has it all!"

I totally agree with this quote. I wasn't expecting the charm of this great city because you don't hear much about it. I will say that the tourism is very minimal there because you can just tell by walking the streets that it's not saturated.

I started my mini adventure with a stroll to the City Centre, which holds all of Bologna's charm and historic artifacts including the Two Towers. I found while strolling, small alleyways that led to more fun charm! This place doesn't skip a beat when it comes to luxury either, they have it all!

The Two Towers are the symbol of Bologna. Interesting enough, they were created by two families competing against each other during the 14th century. HA! The tallest one was built by the Asinelli family and the shorter was built by the Garisenda Family. I mean did they HAVE to build it right next to each other?? I'm just saying. I have to say that they are just breathtaking when you see them up close, not to mention touching the stone that they were made of I think was the most incredible thing about them. I inserted a close up of the stone below.

Now the fun stuff, Food! I swear I think that Bologna has the best pizza, gelato, and caprese salad I've had while being in Italy. I found these places in the area of the Jewish Ghetto, which is very close to the University, so there are tons of cheap eating options and restaurants.

Ok gelato,