How to add color into your Home!

When I say the word color, most of the time people think of bright and bold hues. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the quick scenario for your home. In this post I’ll give you guidance on how to bring color into your home. This can vary from big furniture pieces, to painting walls, all the way to simple decor pieces. So, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog posts to check out more interior design tips and tricks!

”Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”

This quote is exactly how you want to think about color in your home. Your home is a place that should directly reflect who you are, what enhances your personality and how it makes you feel. So, lets talk about where to add color into your home starting with the obvious one...

Painting an accent wall -

Even though this is an obvious decision, this can also be your demise! First always think about where your accent wall is going in your space/room, then decide what furniture pieces are going up against the accent wall if any, lastly choose a color that you can live with for a long time or for how ever long you think you will stay in your home. This tip can also include wallpaper.

- In a bedroom - The accent wall in the room should be where your bed is going up against. Your bed linens will soften the bold color or wallpaper and in fact, it will actually make other items in your room pop.

As you can see in these pictures the accent wall is covered with wallpaper. However, it actually makes the wood tones in the room become more evident and enhances everything else in the room.

- In a living room - Making an accent wall is a great backdrop for art work, or if you have a fireplace that you want to be a focal point in your home. Whatever wall you decide to make as an accent wall it should be a focal point in your room/space.

In the above gallery, you can see how these rooms have very bold colors on the walls as a focal point. It also will enhance your furniture pieces and will make them pop! Below are examples of some more neutral colors.

You may have noticed, or not that neutral colors on the wall makes everything in the room look more mellow. If that is the vibe you are going for, then choose a neutral color for your walls. If you want a little bit more drama and accentuate your furniture pieces or displayed art work, then I would choose a color that is deeper and will make those accents stand out. ***Tip - you don't have to paint every single wall the same BTW!

Furniture -

Choosing color for your furniture can be somewhat of a borderline between safe, I can get sick of the color, or a really good choice! HAHAAHAHAH! I know one extreme to the other. In my opinion I think it's a really good choice. ***Tip - choose your furniture pieces before you choose paint or wall paper. It's easier to match paint then match a sofa to the paint color.

- Sofas - We all know that white matches with everything, so lets not talk about the obvious here. Most times we can gravitate towards a grey color for a sofa which is fine, but lets think outside the box and go with a bold color for a sofa like green! In this case it's all about the material that the sofa is made out of. I wouldn't choose a cotton green sofa, I would choose a velvet green sofa. The fabric is going to translate the color of the furniture very differently.

Do you see how the velvet fabric automatically makes these green sofas look chic and inviting? This is what I mean when I talk about choosing the fabric.

In these pictures, the sofas are all a wool blend, but come from a bold color hue. However, since the material is a blend it calms the boldness down. You can still see each color, but it makes them become a neutral tone.

- Accent chairs - Now that you have decided what color you want your sofa and what material will translate the best, lets talk about accent chairs. This can be really fun because accent chairs don't take up a lot of real estate in your home. This can be a great way to insert a pop of color in any space. Since accent chairs aren't as large as a sofa, have fun with the material and color! Although I would say this, make sure they at least match or compliment your other furniture pieces in the room of choice.

Decor Accents -

Even if you're not fully on board with playing with bold colors for furniture pieces, you may want to explore bringing color into your home with accents. Such as: throw pillows, art work, decor pieces, vases, side tables, accent lighting etc. This can really bring warmth to a neutral space and or create a colorful environment. ***Tip - Don't forget that black is a color! HAHHAAHAH!! I absolutely love bringing in color to a home with accents. It's a guaranteed room enhancer! Also, if you can't find a specific item out there that is of a certain color, just buy a bottle of spray paint and create it yourself.

Also, don't be afraid of adding pattern with color as well!

Closing Remark -

There you have it! All the different ways to bring color into your home! I hope that these tips helped you view this subject a little bit broader and gave some insight on why you shouldn't be afraid to bring more color into your home/space. Even if your color palette is black, white and grey you can still bring a pop of brightness into your space with accents. However, I do think that enhancing your home with color requires planning and thoughtful selections. If you need further assistance in this department, feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.

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