How to Design a Powder Room

Powder rooms are getting a lot of attention these days in the design world. These functional rooms are treated more like a showcase of design aesthetics. In this post I'll tell you some ways that you can make your powder room a show stopper for everyone to admire!

Powder rooms are generally in a communal area and are typically smaller then a normal sized bathroom. They're meant to be in an area that is away from common spaces i.e. kitchen, living room, dining room, or basement. With that being said, these rooms are generally less expensive when creating just due to the fact that they are smaller in square footage. So, let's talk about the necessities in this room first.

Sink, toilet and lighting. Now, all of these are equally as important! HAHAHAHAHA!!

Keep in mind that since powder rooms are on the smaller side you don't need a large sink area, so get creative with the sink. For example, if you are by chance renovating your kitchen and you have left over counter top material you can use that to create a floating sink and backsplash. Sometimes you can get lucky at a granite or stone yard and purchase scraps to create this as well. Also, putting the faucet in the wall vs. part of the sink area will create more open space for functional items.

Another way to create a floating sink is by making one out of MDF material. This is another really inexpensive way to make a vanity that has storage for necessities. Here is an example of what I am talking about.

If you can't have either options for you sink area, then try to find a really interesting pedestal sink. There are some really cool ones out there in the market!

I don't have to touch on toilets, because that should always be your choice. However, I touch on lightin