How To Style Your Plants 101

We're going to take design styling back a few steps and talk about plants. Now, they can be real or faux. However, nowadays faux plants look and feel like the real deal! So, in this post I'm going to give you ideas on how to style your plants and make them cohesive with your design esthetic.

Plants faux or not, can be a great accent to a home or any space for that matter. For those of you that are into Feng Shui, plants are one of the elements to have in your home along with other things, but that's for another post. I'm going to break down somewhat of plants that will go great with any decor style. Greenery creates interest and texture to your home, so I'm taking it back to designing with plants 101. Don't just put them anywhere!

"My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them."

Types of plants and how to style with them:

Monstera plant - This plant is more of a tropical plant that has very big leaves. Typically this plant is usually styled for the outdoors because of the size, but getting single stems and placing them sparsely in a vase with one or two stems would look great on a counter top or island once the season changes. Since the stems of these plants are typically shorter putting them in a short but medium to large width vase will give it a really nice contrast.

The picture below is a way to illustrate how to bring this plant in your house/space.

Fiddle Plant - A fiddle plant is more like a tree because they are typically sold that way. I have never seen a short fiddle plant, ever! I like this plant because it's simple and the leaves don't have a certain sense of season like the monstera plant does. I really don't associate a fiddle plant with any change of season, making it a really diverse plant for the home.

Styling this plant is simple! place it in a basket plant holder or a ceramic plant holder. Be sure to put a filler in whatever base you choose because you don't want to expose the small base of this plant. Plus, you want to create that illusion that it's real! Since this is a fairly slim plant, I would put it in a corner next to an entertainment center or any corner that has some great art work on a wall. This plant will compliment that area really well.

Palm Tree - Palm leaves or trees are one of the most popular because...well I actually don't know why, but all I know is that a lot of people like them! HAHAHHAHAAHA. Maybe because it reminds them of warmer weather??? However, because it is such a light weight plant/tree it does go great in interiors. It's not a focal point plant it's more of an accessory just like a table tray.

I think the reason why I appreciate this plant so much is because I can pair it next to anything and it still looks great! Next to a chair, in baskets with other plants, grouped next to a side table, I mean the possibilities are endless with this plant. I particularly think this plant is very chic in an outdoor space, it brings warmth to an Industrial style home, more color to a boho eclectic living room and is simple enough for a contemporary style. However, I don't think I would put it in a bedroom for some reason (also, not very Feng Shui). Me and bedroom equals no plants! HAHAHAHA. Here are some great examples of how to style this plant.

Last but most common the Cacti - This type of plant carries a heavy design aesthetic. For example, rustic, southwestern, and tribal. Naturally this is a universal plant because it's green and can be put anywhere since they are so small, but when I say cactus what comes to your mind?? Exactly! If you're a fan of cacti but don't want to make a huge statement with them, I would say stick to smaller plants that can be grouped with other objects on a book shelf, another plant, or on a coffee table with books. Be sure that if you're going to group this small plant, then make it an odd number like 3. I learned that when I was working as a visual merchandiser for a jewelry company and I apply that rule still to this day with my design.

Closing Remark

I didn't want to make this blog post super long, so I hope this styling your plants 101 post helped you. Adding plants are just a great way to add different elements to your home. Apply any of these styling tips to whatever plant that rocks your boat!

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