How to Update your Home with Lighting!

One of the best and typically the most economical way to update your home is with lighting. In this post, I will talk about how to update your home with lighting ideas, plus I'll even give you examples of some light fixtures that you can shop!

how to update your home lighting

Lighting is a very important aspect when updating your home/space. It will set the mood and tone of your area and also can be a big focal point depending on were it's needed. Even table and floor lamps are being considered in this as well. We sometimes tend to ignore these two fine pieces, but I think they're just as important as over head lighting.

Updating your lighting even in a brand new build will bring out personality and enhance the overall design of your home. Most times, we see generic light fixtures in homes or rentals because it's cheaper and they are easily accessible. However, that doesn't mean you should keep them! You know which ones I'm talking see them up and down the Home Depot aisles. Take them out!

First, you need to determine what kind of mood you would like your lighting to bring. Secondly, where is your lighting being placed. For example, do you need to update the lighting over your kitchen island? In your hallway? Bedroom? etc. Lastly, what is your design aesthetic? Are you attracted to more modern, rustic, or mid-century style? Don't spend too much time on the last one because you may not know your design aesthetic, just simply look for lighting that you like!

"A room is like a stage. If you see it without lighting it can be the coldest place in the world!"

Shall we break down some rooms in your home that need lighting updates?

Kitchen/Kitchen Island -

How tall are your ceilings? This is an important question because you don't want to get any sort of lighting that shortens your ceiling height. Your lighting fixture should be between 30"-32" from the top of the island to the very end of the light fixture. If you don't have that ceiling height, then perhaps recessed lighting would be a better fit here.

Is your kitchen island 5ft, 10ft, or anywhere in between? This question will determine how many light fixtures you need above your island. The bigger your island the more light fixtures you'll need to bring in the proper scale into your kitchen/island. Having 2-3 light fixtures above your kitchen island is a good amount. Make sure you purchase independent light fixtures for this area (pendant lights), it is more pleasing to the eye. Here are some examples that you can check out and even purchase (click on the image):

If your kitchen does not have an island but has overhead lighting from a flush mount or some other awful iridescent lighting above, my best advice is to find a chandelier and place it in the center of your kitchen. This will definitely bring your kitchen to a whole other level. It will make it feel warmer and more put together. Don't forget, people naturally gravitate towards the kitchen so why not bring a grand presence in there with an awesome chandelier!?!? Check out these examples:

Dining Room -

If you have a designated dining room, then my suggestion would be to strictly stick to a chandelier. The only thing I would caution here is to pay attention to the scale of your chandelier. You don't want too large or too small of a chandelier for your room. This is all based on the size of your room and table.

Another typical dining area is one that you create because it's connected in an open floor plan. If this is the case you can either put a chandelier up or two pendant lights. This will help create a separate space for your dining area.

how to update your lighting in dining room

Living Room -

The living room is where you mostly want to focus on table and floor lamps. Having an overhead light in this area isn't as ideal, however there is always exceptions. The living room is where you want to create ambience for either watching tv, reading, or having conversations. Therefore, you don't want a big spot light above you.

For table lighting you can have one on an accent table or two on a console table. You don't need to put a table lamp on every side table in the room. Play around with the light amount and then add a floor lamp so you can see how this will change the mood of your space. A good start to placing your floor lamp would be by a side chair, or in a corner that is by your sofa. Here are some examples that will illustrate what I'm saying here.

how to update your living room lighting ideas

Bedroom -

This is the only room that I will say that there is no typical formula to update your lighting, however I will say that if your bedroom has a ceiling fan light fixture take that out ASAP! that isn't the best way to bring in great design aesthetic to your room. Look at your room and see what fits, you may only have space for one table lamp, or none at all. If your room is grand then you can have two side lamps, a floor lamp and an over head light if that all fits into your area. I would try and find an over head light fixture that has a soft design that way it still creates a mood and looks appealing to the eye. Below are examples that you can click on: