My DIY Project that was featured on NBC10 Boston!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

With my bed linen line launched and that taking up most of my attention, I'm finally able to upload and post this very fun DIY project that I filmed for NBC10 Boston and the Hub Today show!

This extremely easy and very cool DIY project came about from me just wanting to change the vignette on my open shelves. That consisted of buying new dishes. However, I wanted only black matte. Not being able to find anything on the market that was worth buying, I came up with the idea to just create it myself. Shocker!

I did some research on how to paint my dishes a different color that made them dish washer friendly and that I could actually eat with. I will say this, the FDA is an interesting organization...Once I did some research on paints that were safe and "approved" for food, I was approached by Derek Zagami...

Derek asked me if I had any DIY projects in the works, and wouldn't you know I did! I told him about my dish transformation. Talk about perfect timing! He loved the idea and how easy it was to complete. All you need is time and patience. Here's how simple this dish transformation is:

1. Decide which dishes you would like to refurbish.

2. Research acrylic paints and decide which one you feel comfortable using. I used FolkArt acrylic paint and with any paint brush, paint away!!