Paint and Feng Shui, What is it All About? And, How to Incorporate it in Your Home.

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Let's semi-break down how to incorporate Feng Shui into your home with color, especially paint. This subject can be very lengthy so we will just try and simplify this so you can have a better understanding of how you can elevate the energy in your home.

Feng Shui is all about how you would like your space to feel and how it makes you feel when you function in it. Does it make you feel great? or not? Does it energize you? or not? How does your home truly make you feel? Take a moment and really think about these questions. These questions are something that one should always ask themselves when they're decorating their home. The way your home makes you feel is a direct reflection on your own energy and mood, in which will affect everything in your life i.e. work, relationships, attitude etc. So, let's break down each feng shui color element and what they represent. Before you go painting every wall like a bag of skittles, I will give you some practical opinions on each segment and ideas of what you can do to balance out the feng shui and your taste to make your house feel exactly how you want it. Again, feng shui is all about your energy!

" Believe it or not, Feng Shui is all around you and affecting you all the time."

Quick general understanding of Feng Shui:

Some people say that they don't believe in feng shui like it's a religion or something, but the more you start understanding what it actually is you do realize that it is all around you. It's something you can't see, but you feel it. It's called energy! We all know what that is and we all know how energy changes ones moods and mindset. Not to mention what it attracts in your life. That is what feng shui does for your home, it helps create a space that promotes the feeling of happiness and well-being. Therefore, becoming a trickle affect in everything else in your life. Why? because when your mindset is in a pure joy bliss nothing negative can change that, and true success and abundance of whatever you want naturally flows your way.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that was started by agricultural farmers way way way back in the day, then as the centuries changed so did the understanding of feng shui. Correlating that your environment is a direct influence on emotional, mental, and physical health and well being. Now, just like anything else there are some hardcore practitioners out there that stick to the exact guidelines of feng shui. But, to be fair that is not how the modern world is anymore. Our elements have changed especially in the way we live. Basically, not everything should be taken as face value. However, there are still some practices that correlate to modern day. One is the Bagua, think of this as a compass for your home (plan layout). The bagua has 8 elements (plus the center) that represent areas of your home and breaks them down of what you would like more positive outcomes in your life, or to create the good chi - energy into your home. For example, on the bagua compass the direct north part of your home will reflect career and the direct south part of your home will reflect fame, not like Madonna fame (unless that's your goal, just sayin) but it's more about how you want people to see and treat you (respect, recognition etc.). The bagua breaks down every directional aspect of your home and how to balance it out if there is more of one element than the other.

The key to having really good feng shui in your home is to have balance, just like anything in life. The Yin and Yang is the proper term for this. In this case, you want good balance of decor and color in your home all based on how you want the space to feel when you're in it. Alright, that's enough I'm not here to give you a full on lesson of what I know about feng shui HAHAHAHAHA this is just a basic understanding of color, so let's talk about paint and the five elements of feng shui.


Water is represented in the direct north part of your home and affects your career. The colors that are associated with this element are: Blues, dark colors including black. If your home has a kitchen in the direct north of the layout, are you going to paint it black? The answer would be no, why? because think about it, if you walked into a kitchen that was painted all black how would that make you feel? You would walk right back out and think, I'm not cooking in there! You would feel enclosed and not comfortable. What color would make you feel more comfortable in that kitchen? Earth tones? White?


Find a color that will best suit your interest of wanting to cook and be in your kitchen and then add the water element color in the accents. So, you can try a white/blue tone paint like Genesis White from Benjamin Moore and then paint your bottom cabinets black for a more anchored modern look. Or, you can paint all of your cabinets a navy blue for a more contemporary look. Always be sure to get testers of colors and see how they actually look in your space, the sunlight can make the paint a totally different color.


Wood is represented in the east and southeast of the bagua compass and corresponds with family. The southwest is correlated with wealth and prosperity. Typically you have a living room or a bedroom in the east part of your home. The color that you want to incorporate in these areas are: Green or another natural material such as mud cloth, bamboo, cotton, grass cloth or flowers.


Here's where you can get creative with this one because you don't necessarily have to paint your wall green or any green shade if you don't like it or want it. But, I would recommend doing an accent wall in that room with a really nice grass cloth wallpaper. If this bedroom is for a girl or a guest room, maybe you bring in someone to paint a floral mural on a wall.

So, you can see that the outcomes are limitless. However, if you're wanting to use paint you can try out Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. This would be a nice color for a dining room with natural wood elements in it.


Fire is indicative of fame or how you want people to treat you. This is represented by the south part of your home. The color that represents fire is: Red, but this also can represent anything with electricity or literally fire. Since the fire element can be an aggressive color for most, I would say bring in a color that is in the red family. However, I'm a huge fan of exposing brick walls! So, if you have a home that has a brick wall in your south portion of your home, leave it exposed! HAHAHAHAHAAH.


This one all depends on where your south room or area is in your home. Let's say your entryway is in the south part of your home and you have two walls that welcome you on each side of the entry way (by the way this is good to have as an entryway). Be sure to have wall sconces on at least one wall, or a pendant light/chandelier as soon as you enter. If you can't have either because of the way your home is, then make one side an accent wall and the other side a utility area. But, no clutter here!!! That's a whole other part of feng shui. If you want something not so bright like red then maybe you can find a color that is close to it, or paint it a white color with a plug in light on a red console table. You can also put an accent chair in the entryway with a throw pillow that has red elements in it. There is lots of ways to offset red, but here is a great example of red in an entryway.

If red is not your color at all and you refuse to put it anywhere in your wall, that's totally ok. You can always put the elements of fire as your color, so neutral oranges will work as well, or wallpaper that has some sort of red colors in them. However, if you welcome red and love that color try Rectory Red, Radicchio, or Blazer by Farrow and Ball.


My favorite one, Metal! probably because I'm so attracted to metals in general and this one is just fun! This is in the west and northwest part of your home and is part of your creative side. West representing creation and northwest representing synchronicity. The colors include: Silver, gray, white and light pastels. Now everyone knows that Millennial Pink is not going anywhere, so if you have a bedroom that is in the west part of your home, this would be a great area to put that color there. A great pick for this one is Middleton Pink by Farrow and Ball.


Let's say you have an office or a den in the west and you're not about to bring pink in there. Go with gray! this is a neutral color and will go with anything in the room and the rest of your house. If you're feeling fancy and your decor calls for it, then pick a paint that is metallic. This can be a really fun way to bring this color element into your home! So, just go for it on this one. Plus, don't forget that adding this element into your home can be brought in with accents and accessories. Some really cool finds are Rejoice from PPG or anything from Modern Masters. Below is a picture of Rejoice in a nursery.


The final element is Earth, the northeast and southwest of your home. The northeast represents knowledge and the southwest represents love and partnership. If you can, try and avoid wood elements in this room. It may be hard depending on which room this direction lays in your house plan. Anything that comes from the earth is all part of this element. The colors that correlate with earth are: Gold, yellow, tan and brown This is a beige person's dream! HAHAHAAHAHA!

"Everything in my apartment is now beige, beige... is bullshit." - Mr. Big, Sex and the City

Alright, I'm not hating on beige but it was the perfect opportunity to write that quote HAHAHHAAAHA!


So, back to the real subject. If you have a dining room, office, or a living room definitely shoot for a neutral tan color or accents and accessories that represent earth. Some nice neutrals to check out are Clunch, White Tie, and Dimity by Farrow and Ball. Others from Benjamin Moore are; Natural Wicker, or Winds Breath. Below is a picture of Natural Wicker.

Earth is probably the most easiest to follow because you literally can paint your whole house a tan color and just bring in accents and accessories that represent other elements and find that balance in your home. But, come on no one wants just a beige house.

Closing Remark

Alright! So, there you have it! The basic five elements of feng shui and the colors that they represent. Just remember that creating good chi in your home is really indicative of what makes you happy and what makes you feel comfortable and safe in your home. Creating that good energy vibe in your home is going to reflect everything in your life, so you may as well pay attention to these types of things when considering paint and color. Get creative! You can definitely have all of these elements in your home and if you can't, well then I'm here to help you!

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