Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

As real estate prices get higher and higher, more people are gravitating towards smaller spaces to call home. Most layouts in high rise living is one big open floor plan connecting to the kitchen, but how do you separate the rooms to make each space their own? So, In this post I'm going to give you some decorating ideas for small living rooms. Keep reading if you want to see how to make a small living room something that is functional, comfortable, well designed and great to look at.

small living room decorating ideas

In order to begin this process you have to determine what you would like your living room to feel and look like. You can't just throw things in there to make due, that's just a waste of money! because at the end of the day you will not be happy with how your living room looks and feel.

First step:

How are you going to use your small living room? Are you going to have friends over all the time? Do you not want people over and make your area something simple just for you? Once you've determined this, it is safe to begin the journey! HAHAHAHAH!

Small Living Room Decorating Idea #1:

Invest in a sofa! More than likely you're going to live in your space for a good amount of time, so put your money into something that you will like for a while. Do not think of your furniture as something you will get rid of because you want to start all over again when you buy a home. That mindset isn't realistic because if and when you do buy a home, are you going to purchase furniture all at once? Probably not. I predict what will happen is that you will take your existing furniture into your newly purchased home until you have a brand new budget to get that home in order. If I'm way wrong, then comment below. I guarantee you that investing now in your furniture selection will save you money in the long run.

Don't be afraid of the sofa size, if you want a sectional or a comfortable fluffy sofa then get one. However, be careful because that really should be your biggest real estate in your living room area. The good news is that there are sectionals on the market that break apart. This creates extra seating for guests and will separate the space to look even bigger. Create that illusion!

Restoration Hardware has some good ones as well as Crate and Barrel.

Small Living Room Decorating Idea #2:

This is kind of a big one in my book, rugs! One thing that will make your living room look and feel small is getting the wrong size rug for your area. Think of it this way, the area rug should be the division between your living room and dining area if your home has that. Typically you want to get an 8x10 size.

If you want to create something really interesting, layering rugs is a great way to incorporate a top notch design feature. All you would have to do is buy a 5x8 rug and layer it on top of your 8x10. I love this idea because it creates interest and another layering aspect to your home.

Here's a birds eye example of what I am talking about.

rug size layout example

Small Living Room Decorating Idea #3:

Create storage shelves! This one doesn't have to be a ton of money, but I would recommend hiring a handy man to install them for you. Creating floating shelves is a great way to get some decor interest on your walls while still having some functionality. It also will bring the human eye up creating the facade that your living room is bigger and taller than it really is. This idea will also free up some of your floor area to bring in other seating for guests.

Floating shelves will also bring a cohesiveness to your living room, meaning it will give you a chance to hide any hodge podge things that you want to hang on too for some reason or another. By purchasing matching storage bins made for shelving, they will give your shelves that cohesive look all around!

Here's some examples of some floating shelves ideas.

Small Living Room Decorating Idea #4:

Change or add a new lighting fixture! If your living room area has an existing light that looks like it doesn't belong, then take it out! It is so easy nowadays to change out your light fixtures and doesn't cost too much. Plus, the payoff of how your living room area will be so beneficial on how it will look overall. Not to mention creating that living room space that is separate from the rest of your home! This is one of my favorite things to choose for my clients because it really sets the room up for great design esthetic and creates a well polished finished space.

You can think of this idea as creating a custom space for yourself, it becomes a focal point in your home. Also, this can be done throughout your entire house to really make your home feel polished!

Here's some light fixture ideas.

Small Living Room Decorating Idea #5:

Lastly, get small accent furniture! Once you determine that you would rather have a bigger sofa than anything else in your living room, the next step would be to get smaller accent furniture. For example, there's no need to get a massive coffee table or large side tables for your area. Find other ways to create table decor, such as buy stools instead. They are wide enough to hold a drink or even a side lamp.

Get a bench and one side chair instead of getting two big side chairs that take up too much space. There's lots of ways to go about this, it's all about what your priority is for how you want your living room to feel and look.

small living room decorating ideas

As you can see in this e-Design, I brought in lots of seating areas while creating an open living room concept. It's not a massive sofa, but adding in smaller additional seating to create a more welcoming living room space can make your home feel finished and well put together.

Closing remarks:

I hope that these ideas for decorating a small living room helped in some way! There is a ton of ways to organize your space, I just scratched the surface with what I gave you. If you have a small living room and need help decorating it, leave a comment in this post and I'll respond! Small spaces are something that I love to decorate. I get a challenge from it!

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