Top 10 Hardware Finds Under $200!

Here I found some really compelling hardware pieces that can make a bold statement with anything from your kitchen to a special furniture piece that you're trying to repurpose! Check out where these are from and where you can buy them.

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Top 10 Hardware Picks of 2018

This has become one of my favorite subjects, besides talking about decorating with pattern and color. Hardware! #hardware

Top 10 list break-down:

First let's talk about my top 3! Unique and make a statement, sort of like me!

1. Steel Bar by Buster and Punch - I rant and rave about this company because I really think they have unique stuff! They are so simple yet when their hardware is placed, they pack a punch! LOL. All of their hardware comes in four different finishes and they are 100% steel and that can be really hard to come by in this day in age. They are based in London and can be purchased online, or through an Interior Designer that has access to them. #busterandpunch

2. The Knob Cubist by Dowsing and Reynolds - I found these on the website Eporta. I think these are super unique and can really change the look of anything from a credenza to a dresser. I think these would look really great as the focal point of any furniture piece. They may be a little heavy looking for kitchen cabinets, but this would completely change the look of any furniture piece. #dowsingandreynolds

3. Glacio Center Bar Pool by Amerock - I was actually surprised that I found these on Now, before you start saying anything about Wayfair they have stepped up their game with vendors that bring some great quality product to consumers. These Amerock hardware comes in a couple of other finishes and can be used in anything especially in your kitchen. The acrylic bar gives anything that modern look and creates a sleek finish to anything you put with it. #wayfair

Next set of hardware favorites: