Vegan Black Bean Burger Sliders with Purple Slaw and Avocado Aioli

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Need a new slider idea that is easy, healthy, tasty, and vegan? Look no further, here is my recipe for my go to black bean burger sliders that are great for any occasion.

These delicious sliders are 100% vegan, minus the bread that I used. However, these sliders can be used in any form; over a salad, by themselves, or with a gluten free role. Here is what you will need for these BOMB sliders! You won't miss meat that much with these:

Eat vegan that doesn't have to put a label on you

"Where do I get my protein from? Bitch, beans!"

Ingredients and how to: Black bean burger sliders -1 can of black beans½ onion sautéed½ cup of sautéed bell pepper any kindSalt and pepper to taste½ cup of panko½ cup of fresh cilantro½ tsp. Paprika½ tsp. Cumin4 tbsp. Cornstarch or arrowroot (egg binder substitute), mix with equal parts of water.Let the bean mixture rest in the fridge for about 20-30 so the flavors marry. Mix all ingredients together and form your patties based on the size of your liking. Heat a pan with grape seed oil, or any oil that can take a higher temperature to fry the patties with. Cook on each side for about 1-2 minutes to get a nice crunchy texture on the outside. Avocado aioli -1-2 whole avocados1 small clove of garlic1 tbsp. Vegan mayo2 tbsp. Of cilantro½ tsp. Of lemon juiceSalt and pepper to tasteIn a small food processor puree everything together until smooth Purple slaw -2 cups of purple cabbage1 tbsp. Of vegan mayo1-2 tspn. Of rice vinegar depending on if you like the flavor or not.Salt and pepper to taste

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