Easy Vegan Chorizo Nachos

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Everyone loves nachos, so why not try them vegan style? Simple, flavorful, and you won't even tell that they're vegan! Put them to the test.

These nachos are super simple! The cheese sauce is not my own because I have found the most delicious recipe from this website . It's very easy but does require a good amount of ingredients. I have listed them out below:

Ingredients and how to:

½ cup carrot

1 cup of chopped potatoes boil together to just soft

1 tbsp. Of nutritional yeast

1 tsp. Onion powder

1 tsp. Garlic powder

1 tbsp. Tomato paste

1 and ½ tsp of corn starch

2 tsp of lemon juice

¼ cup of grape seed oil

¼ cup of water

Salt to taste

6 Pickled jalapeños

3 tbsp. Of jalapeno juice

Blend all together until smooth and creamy!

It really does taste better then the quéso that you get from the snack stand!!

I like my nachos with some sort of meat, but since we are making them vegan I added my favorite meatless crumble. It's a pea protein and contains no soy. It's called beyond meat in the feisty flavor. I did add a tsp. of garlic and onion powder just to give it a little extra flavor. However, it does taste similar to chorizo!

Once you make the quéso you can add and layer anything you want. This is my version of simple vegan chorizo nachos.