What is e-Design? And, why should I care about it?

In this blog post I am going to explain what e-Design is and how you can utilize this service, or just be educated about it and know what the benefits are. It's an extremely great and approachable way to work with an Interior Designer.

Technology has changed our society in so many ways and that also includes industries. We no longer have patience to wait for items that we purchase, we have evolved into a humanity that thrives off of instant gratification. Therefore, not making the time or effort to meet people in person. That's not typically a bad thing, but it's just changed how we now communicate with one another. I mean we can even buy cars over the internet! That's just crazy to me...my point is this, technology has changed every single industry thus far and that includes Interior Design.

So, where am I going with this you might be asking? Well, Designers can now create and design your home right over the internet! This is what we call e-Design. Let's break down some key points as to what this is and how literally anyone can utilize this service.

"Time is money, why waste it?"

This quote leads me to my first point.

Saves time! The first step in the e-Design process is typically the introduction and a get to know the client scenario, all via phone, skype, zoom video call etc. This is super helpful for the individual that has a busy schedule and can't make the time to set up an in person meeting. During this initial conversation is where the project scope is laid out and the design aesthetic of the client is determined. Moreover, all communication is done via email or another electronic platform which makes it very convenient for the client to know where their project is during the design process. But, we'll go further into that in my next point. Not to mention, you buy the pieces/products that we recommend for your home when you want too! Be it little by little or buying it all at once. Time is totally at your discretion!

Saves money! There is this notion that working with an Interior Designer is so expensive and it's only for a particular type of group and that may be true, but things evolve and if you can afford to buy a home or any type of condo then you can afford to work with an Interior Designer. It's just that simple! What you're not seeing is the value in what we do, because you may be thinking "well, I can do it myself." And, maybe you can and that's fine but majority of you can't. That is why we have companies out there that create and put throw away furniture on the market, because it's all meant to be temporary.