Why Custom Pieces are Important for Your Home!

Let’s talk about one of my favorite artistic aspects of designing a home, custom pieces! This subject really is my favorite because it can bring out the imagination and not to mention no one will have it! Who doesn’t love one of a kind pieces? So, in this post I’ll breakdown some of the most simplest custom ideas to the more extravagant and why it’s important when decorating your home/space.

"Designing a home is about giving people spaces to live and allowing them an outlet to express themselves."

This quote is very pertinent to what developing a custom piece for you home is all about. It allows the client to bring their imagination to full fruition. Now, this may not apply to everyone and that's ok because not everyone can creatively think of ideas. However, what everyone can do is explain verbally what they want and like. Therefore, if you're that person then custom pieces still apply!

Let's start with simple custom work that you can bring into your home. And, this is actually really fun to create for a client.

Throw Pillows -

Playing with fabrics, patterns and colors is a fantastic way to add layers to your home. Custom throw pillows are a great way to do that. This also can bring any furniture piece to another level. So, if you simply can't find what you're looking for in retail outlets then maybe creating your own will definitely do the trick! Not to mention creating your own color palette is something no one else will have. That is the whole point of customizing throw pillows.

Drapery -

One of the worst things you can do is buy curtains that don't fit your windows. Dressing any type of window with drapes that are ill fitting is a design, don't! If you can sew then this one should be a no brainer! Making custom drapery is another way to bring personality into any room. They create warmth, depth, layering and character into your window which in some homes is a focal point. Also, we often times see drapes in a sheer type of fabric or in some pattern that is just not appealing. Customizing drapery is another way to pick the material and pattern that you want.

Sofas -

Now we're getting into the bigger stuff! This custom option shouldn't be a big surprise to most of you due to the fact that a lot of retailers offer this service. However, the materials and shapes can be limiting (there's always a catch). I think customizing a sofa is hands down the best investment for your home. There is nothing worse then buying something online that you "customized" and don't like the outcome once you receive it. There are a ton of local artisans out there that can create a sofa of your dreams. You can pick the material that it's made out of, including kid proof! But, choosing what filling the cushions are made of is also important because that will indicate the longevity of the sofa itself. Picking the frame, arm rest, backing and even right down to the color of the stitching these are all options that you can pick from when customizing a sofa.

Think about it this way, how many sofas have you bought in your lifetime thus far? Now, if you actually accumulated all of that money into one lump sum, that would probably be equivalent to a custom sofa that you created! So, I said this before and I'll say it again no one will have a sofa like you when you have it custom made!

Accent Chairs -

I think accent chairs don't necessarily have to be made from scratch like sofas should. A simple way of customizing accent chairs is to have them reupholstered. This of course doesn't apply if you need chairs that fit a specific zone in your space that you literally have no other option. Accent chairs are another item that can make a statement in your home and bring some character to your space. They don't typically have a ton of real estate in your home, so treat them as decor vs. functionality. And what I mean by that is challenge your creativity and make them come to life with some fabric! If you have some chairs that have good bones but the material is dreadful, redo the fabric and put them in a different area! Thus creating some more interest to your space.

Accent Furniture -

Accent furniture includes: side tables, coffee tables, shelving, dining tables etc. you get the point! Let's say that you have very little or too much space for a dining table in your home. Nothing on the market fits or looks like the proper scale for you room. There is a sad dining room situation if you have a table that doesn't fit! Well problem solved! custom make your dining table. I have yet to meet a local artisan that doesn't create their work from the best woods they can find. Creating the shape, length, finish, color, details and legs are all things that will make your table the show stopper. So, customizing a dining table is all based on the type of dining area that you have. Besides, if you actually take a look at the table lengths options that are out there you'll find that they pretty much only offer about 4 table length sizes, and I'm being generous based on some places I've seen. The same rules apply for coffee tables and side tables.

Homes -

This is the mack daddy of them all! If you can custom build your home from the ground up? Can I be your friend? HAHAHHAHAAHAH JK! but only 50% kidding. This is where the big guns come out because you literally can create the home of your wildest dreams. Now, if you're gonna custom build your home, then why not custom make everything that goes into it? I think that is simple logic, don't you? I think ultimately if you're able to make a custom home, that means you fully understand why custom is important. Besides the obvious of showing status etc. but to give back to the ones that actually create things with thought and creativity. I think that is the most important part of making a custom home.

Closing Remark -

I think our society has become accustomed to instant gratification vs. enjoying the process. Don't worry I'm not going off on a tangent. We are so quick to click a button and boom! here comes something that we think we like to fill the space that "I need in meantime." But, the real question is does that really make your home feel like you created it? Does it make you feel joy when you look at your pieces that you purchased? or are you just settling for what is offered to you? If you're indifferent with these questions then maybe consider looking into custom. My best advice is to start creating a custom furniture fund! HAHAHAAHAH!

I hope this blog post gave you some insight of how you can utilize customization at it's simplest form and then it's extravagant form. However, the reason why it's important to bring custom pieces into your home is because your home should always be a reflection of who you are and by you creating a unique piece that represents your personality, it will make your home look and feel that much more special!

If you like the idea of creating something for a space, let me know and I'd be happy to guide you through the process.

Keep in touch,


P.S. Don't forget about custom artwork, I really don't need to write an entire section as to why this is important!

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