Why Should I Hire An Interior Designer???

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

So, there's this notion about Interior Designers and how they're only utilized by a certain type of "group." However, that's not true anymore! In this post I will break down some reasons why hiring an Interior Designer should be and can be useful to everyone...

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Let's breakdown some stigmas about the Interior Design industry that has been around for centuries. And yes, I said centuries! Do you really think that any recorded elite population decorated their sanctuaries themselves??

"Every room needs a slap in the face!"

This quote is hilarious because it's true! Which will bring me to the first point:

Designers Eye -

Some designers went to school for design and others did not, but no matter what we are trained to have an eye for detail. Detail is the key here! Any designer that is worth their salt will say it's all about the details of the room. So, when you think about the "slap in the face" moment, it means that we are there to push our clients to see things that they don't and we do. It's a wake up moment!

Our imagination mixes with reality and that's where you get the wow factor in any space. We bring in elements that you wouldn't even think of i.e. colors, fabrics, furniture pieces and other objects to bring your home to life in a way that represents you, our client.

We stay on top of trends -

It's our job to always know what the new trends are every year. We can either implement them or stay away from them. Now here is a little truth serum, most of these trends the public falls for and the reason why is because it's romanticized in media perfectly! Then it leaves you looking back three years later and shacking your head with disbelief because you made that mistake.

"Trends exist to make people feel badly about what they don't have" - Nate Berkus

This is an interesting quote because that is exactly why trends are made. I don't hate on trends at all! I think it's great to be inventive and show something new and fresh to the market. All I'm saying is be careful on adopting them in your home if that's not your style. It's our job to know the trends and either recommend them or not, it's all on the type of client. One trend that still sticks around is the color millennial pink, so that's a perfect example of a trend that transitioned into a classic design color to something that is in high demand.

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We can work with any type of budget -

Now this is something that many designers don't do, but there are plenty that do! For example, I have found that as design evolves overtime, so does the ability to reach the masses. I am talking about designing over the internet. It's called E-Design. I absolutely love this concept because I can design for a client in the west coast and I live in the east coast. This type of service is changing the game!

Why? You might ask. Because, you pay a flat rate for a designer to take over your room and allows the designer to shop for pieces within your set budget. Majority of the time that's the way it works. Not to mention this is all done on your time and it's easy for clients to follow! HEEELLLLLOOO!!

This process does not skimp on having the designer experience, we are very much involved you just may not see us in the flesh. I'll give you an example of the way my process works so you can have a visual:

1. 10-20 minute initial phone call for me to explain the process and what to expect after the contract is signed.

2. An hour consultation, where we really discover what you like and how you want your home to look.

3. Curating and creating design concept with 3-D rendering software.

4. A delivered box of design concept sheets and any live samples that will be included in the design concept.

5. Once approved by my client, then they purchase the pieces with or without my help and whenever they want too.

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interior designer in boston

interior designer in boston

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As you can see this design process still illustrates how your space is going to look when completed, so there is no "use your imagination" in this process. It's just a really seamless and inexpensive way to design your home that literally saves you time and headaches. So, if you're contemplating on wanting to hire a designer but can't "afford" it. Yes you can, it just depends on if you really want too. What would you eliminate from your budget that you can put aside to make your home something you're proud of and want to showcase to family and friends?

Consulting is another inexpensive way to get a designer involved. You ask for our guidance and approvals on things you purchase, plus we will give you advice and ideas on areas of your home. All with just some conversations. Easy peasy!

We save you time -

I'm all for a good DIY, trust me. And, if this is you then more power to you! But, lets be honest here time is money and the older I get the more I believe that to be true. Do you have time to go to work, cook, clean, go to the gym, socialize with your friends, do family stuff, take care of your children (if you have them), pay attention to your significant other and make time for a hobby??? Now lets throw in decorate your home to your liking....this is what I'm talking about. If your single or not, have kids or not, we no longer have free time to let our imagination run and really pay attention to how we want our home to feel. This is why HGTV and DIY Network are so popular because we live vicariously through the screen, I know I did before I became a designer.

I like to think of myself as a solution to you that will make your home pretty! Designers take the stress off of you as long as you can release your control to us! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

I had a recent phone call with a new client and she just bought a house and had a baby within the same year, and she kept saying I can put the house together myself no big deal. And, I believe she could. Then she told me that they had been living in their home for eight months and it still wasn't where she wanted it to be. Now, how many of you are in the same position? It's not about where your design skills are at, it's about giving you back your time and getting things done for you in a timely manner. I'm gonna repeat this, "It's about giving you back your time."

We can get stuff and prices that you can't -

This is just the straight up truth! As designers we have access to an entire world of artisans that the general public just doesn't. I can honestly say as a designer that this is the overwhelming part of being in the industry. The hardest part is eliminating!

We know venders that are local and international, you want that unique piece that no one has? We can get that for you. You want throw pillows that no one has? I got you! You want a sofa that can fit into a tiny living room that has functioning elements? That's available too! You want bright green velvet curtains? Well there is a ton of fabrics to choose from! I mean the list can go on and on with what we can get for our clients. This becomes the fun part!

Closing remarks -

I really hope these points had an impact of what stigmas come along with hiring an Interior Designer. Are their bad and goods ones out there? of course, but that's just like with anything. That's why it's important to have an initial conversation with the designer to see if they mesh well with your personality. You may find a well known designer in your area that comes highly recommended and they just don't clique with you. Should you continue with that person or find another? Don't always fall for someone that is publicized because you may not like them and only using them because they know the right people to get in a magazine. Another truth serum moment! HAHHAHAAAH!

Anywho, the point I'm hopefully making is that if you really need help with your home, office or workspace then hiring an Interior Designer is attainable.

Keep in touch!


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