Why Should I Hire An Interior Designer???

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

So, there's this notion about Interior Designers and how they're only utilized by a certain type of "group." However, that's not true anymore! In this post I will break down some reasons why hiring an Interior Designer should be and can be useful to everyone...

dining room decorating ideas

Let's breakdown some stigmas about the Interior Design industry that has been around for centuries. And yes, I said centuries! Do you really think that any recorded elite population decorated their sanctuaries themselves??

"Every room needs a slap in the face!"

This quote is hilarious because it's true! Which will bring me to the first point:

Designers Eye -

Some designers went to school for design and others did not, but no matter what we are trained to have an eye for detail. Detail is the key here! Any designer that is worth their salt will say it's all about the details of the room. So, when you think about the "slap in the face" moment, it means that we are there to push our clients to see things that they don't and we do. It's a wake up moment!

Our imagination mixes with reality and that's where you get the wow factor in any space. We bring in elements that you wouldn't even think of i.e. colors, fabrics, furniture pie